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Monumental Masons

A memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance. Therefore, it is of great importance that the design is carefully selected. This is the final gift you will give to the person you love and miss so dearly.

We have designed this website incorporating just some of our wide choice of memorial designs, materials and carvings to suit your requirements. All materials used are of the finest quality marble, granite and natural stone.

Any design can be incorporated in all materials, our friendly and experienced staff will be pleased to assist with your selection, and advise with your inscription. A full design service for one off and personalised memorials is available, together with an extensive range of standard designs. Our experience in the memorial business is your guarantee of receiving a complete professional and caring service.

We carry out different memorials and we specialise in hand carved portraits. Memorial work is carried out to a high standard without delay.

City & Guilds Fix And Secure Memorials (FASM)

Memorial headstones

There is no finer choice than everlasting granite, due to its enduring properties. A granite memorial will retain its beauty without deterioration or weathering. Available in a vast range of colours, as shown within this website.

Most widely used, marble is a traditional material used for sculpture and carving, ideal if you select a more ornamental memorial. Blue-white in colour and veined, it has few imperfections.

Natural stone is most widely used in churchyards where marble and granite is not permitted. A varied selection is available, including Nabresina, Portland and York Stone. This material is predominantly buff in colour.

Our experienced and skilled craftsmen are able to work with all of the above materials, therefore, whatever your choice of material, design and inscription, we are able to guarantee the production of a high quality memorial that meets your requirements.

Please view our brochure, which provides a vast selection of memorials

Memorial headstone brochure from Chingford Mount Stonemasons
memorial headstones Chingford, Walthamstow, Highams Park & local areas
before memorial headstone cleaning & restoration Chingford BEFORE
after memorial headstone cleaning by Chingford Mount Stonemasons AFTER
before memorial headstone cleaning & restoration BEFORE
after memorial headstone cleaning Highams Park by Chingford Mount Stonemasons AFTER
before memorial headstone cleaning & restoration Walthamstow BEFORE
after memorial headstone restoration Walthamstow by Chingford Mount Stonemasons AFTER

Cleaning & Renovation

Responsibility of the memorial is yours and not the management of the cemetery. Unfortunately with time some memorials need greater care, in which we can provide a service to restore and clean memorials in any conditions. Below are a few examples of restoration on memorials done by our confident stonemasons.

We undertake renovations on all memorials in various conditions throughout Chingford, Walthamstow, Highams Park, North East London and Essex; please contact us for a personalised quote.

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